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UpSNAP Services LLC
UpSNAP Services is the largest direct response advertising network on mobile phones in the US with ads reaching up to 270 million mobile users. The company provides high-impact voice and display advertising and content services that work on all mobile phones and convert consumers to in-bound interested callers for advertisers. UpSNAP pioneered delivery of pay-per-call ads on mobile phones. UpSNAP’s proprietary ad-serving platform and call-connect infrastructure leverages heuristic algorithms to deliver advertising solutions and targeted content to virtually all US mobile devices (including iPhone and Smartphone) via audio pay-per-call ads, SMS/Text Messaging, and mobile internet banner ads. The company’s end-to-end technology and infrastructure enables mobile access to any type of live or on-demand streaming audio and low-cost, scalable VoIP direct voice connections. UpSNAP serves (and is paid by) national advertisers and ad aggregators, and currently distributes ads through most mobile advertising networks.