Mergers & Acquisitions and Financings

ILD Telecommunications, Inc.
ILD Telecommunications entered the prepaid business in early 1998. ILD’s Prepaid Phone division, operated out of Atlanta, GA, provides prepaid phone card services to customers in the US and abroad. ILD phone cards are sold either private label or utilizing the ILD “CallNCarry” brand primarily through retail outlets based in the US. The company provides service to a diverse array of customers from major truck stops and convenience store chains to RBOCs and other resellers. From 1998 through 2000 the company focused its efforts on obtaining retail distribution primarily through acquisition and direct sales. During that period the company acquired a dozen companies and/or customer bases and migrated the traffic to the ILD switching platforms and back office infrastructure. Since 2000 the company has focused its attention on internal sales, retention of existing clients and reseller channels.