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Advanced EMedia, Inc. dba WebJaguar
WebJaguar is a best-in-class Digital Commerce solution that is modular and highly configurable, allowing customers to easily and rapidly deliver a personalized web shopping experience that fully integrates with ERP. Founded in 2000 by an ex-Apple engineer, and headquartered in California, the Company has created a comprehensive SaaS commerce and marketing automation platform that primarily focuses on B2B commerce and also supports B2B2C and B2C commerce, addressing three specific points of pain for customers: high implementation costs, maintenance and third-party customizations. Supported by a dedicated and expert team with over 20 years of eCommerce industry experience, the Company is profitable and has experienced sustainable organic growth, with ARR increase of 15-20% over many years. WebJaguar continues to attract larger enterprise customers and marquee brands include 99 Cents Stores, State of Florida, Nissan, Hertz, TwinHill, HH Global, Sandals, Hawaiian Airline, Halo, RRD and many more. WebJaguar all-in-one digital commerce platform powers over 1,000 eCommerce stores offering 100+ fully-configurable modules that encompass online and offline sales, marketing automation, punchout catalogs for e-procurement, inventory & warehouse management, sales rep management, fulfillment logistics support etc. This suite of turnkey solutions enables integration with the leading companies in the market including Amazon, PayPal, Quickbooks, Sage, Avalara, and many more. Additional integration and support with various ERP Systems, WMS, and Supply Chain processes come via its rich APIs and data mapping tools. The comprehensive and affordable solutions for complex B2B ecosystems have been developed through 15+ years of customer-driven R&D, positioning the Company for sustainable growth in the rapidly expanding B2B and B2B2C digital commerce market